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What's new ?

Please refer to this page to update Sierra++.

Sierra++ 21

Technical and bug fix release, with minor improvements.

  • Large Symbol name display
  • Dialog positioning
Bug fixes
  • Unwanted study fold when the name of the study was changing (ex: Volume By Price)

Sierra++ 20 (full update)

A quick release to help checking and changing DST settings

New features
  • New Charts Overview screen to quickly check and compare some important charts settings :
    • Time Zone
    • Session Start Time and End Time
    • Evening Session Times
    • Start Time of Day
    • Days To Load
    • Continuous Futures Contract Option

Sierra++ 19

New features
  • new Add Study picker
  • ability to copy study inputs to another study of the same type (right click)
  • new Study Options dialog including actions common to every study :
    • remove study
    • show/hide region line name, inputs values, names and subgraphs values
  • Main screen :
    • Study Options and Visible buttons inline
    • one single button to expand/collapse all the studies in one click

Sierra++ 18

Minor bug fix : percentage thresholds written with a leading 0 in Sierra Chart were incorrectly displayed in Sierra++ (Market Depth Historical Graph & Numbers Bars views). Thank you Geoff.

Sierra++ 17

New features
  • Market Depth Historical Graph view : new Heatmap Editor
  • Volume By Price view :
    • add a Period Type picker with realtime preview
    • new ‘Quick setup’ popup for easy setup of typical cases
  • Main screen : new buttons to expand/collapse all the studies of a region in one click
  • Every study view : improve consistency (including number inputs min/max constraints)
  • Numbers Bars column Editor : make Percent Thresholds and Actual Thresholds pickers easier to use
  • Volume By Price : add an always visible color header for instantly identifying the right study
  • Main screen : font size hint when zooming using CTRL + Mouse wheel
Bug fixes
  • In a rare case, the update of Sierra++ application was forced downside

Sierra++ 16

New features
  • add Large Volume Trade Indicator view
  • Main screen : enable GUI zooming using CTRL + Mouse wheel
  • Volume By Price view :
    • add Volume Text Threshold input (thanks @foundryfutures)
    • improve consistency
  • Market Depth Historical Graph view : improve consistency
  • add Seconds to the Time picker

Sierra++ 15 (Full Update)

New features
  • New module named Studies to manage every study input, with dedicated views for heavy studies, and new pickers
  • Dedicated views for the following studies :
    • Volume By Price
    • TPO
    • Volume Weighted Average Price (available in the Free Version)
    • Market Depth Historical Graph
    • Numbers Bars, including a Column Editor with dedicated pickers
  • New pickers :
    • Time picker
    • Date picker with specific buttons dedicated to trader needs
  • Studies :
    • Add a clickable link to the study documentation page on Sierra Chart website
  • Studies :
    • Make study Visible toggle switch always visible
  • Main screen :
    • Make the main screen header sticky
    • Close the Bar Period Editor when the Bar Period Toolbar show/hide toggle switch is clicked
    • Improve open/close animation smoothness
    • Remove vertical scrollbar auto-hide feature (once again, less is better…)
    • Slightly improve performance
  • Update the default dark/light accent colors to smoother values

Sierra++ 14

  • Add the last missing colors of the Numbers Bars study
  • Fix a minor issue with study transparency control
  • Update binary files versioning

This version (and every subsequent version) is available with a one-click update from within Sierra++ 12 or 13.

Sierra++ 13

  • Make Bar Period favorites toolbar easier to show and hide
  • Show user license in the About dialog

This version is available with a one-click update from within Sierra++ 12.
If your current version of Sierra++ is lower than 12, please refer to this page.

Sierra++ 12 (Full update)

This version requires Sierra Chart 2567 or higher.

New features
  • Manage all Study Input colors, with dedicated presentations for several studies (Number Bars, TPO, Large Volume Orders)
  • Group studies by chart region
  • Display a small Sierra++ logo in the active chart when (and only when) Sierra++ application is focused, to help identify the chart you’re working on
  • Add a setting to hide this Sierra++ logo after 1 second
  • Notify when an update is available
  • Provide an optional one-click update system for Sierra++ application
  • Detect when the chart has no Current Price Line study, and show a button to add it in one click (Last Traded Price graphics settings group)
  • Sierra++ is ready for optional per-feature lifetime licensing. The first module is named Graphics.
  • Chart Graphics Settings :
    • Trading Orders and Positions graphics settings are applied immediately (Sierra Chart fix/update)
    • Background : add Ask & Bid Background Colors settings with non-DOM charts when Market Data columns are visible
  • Line Picker :
    • Allow non-solid line styles with width > 1
    • Manage the Alternate line style
  • GUI Look & Feel :
    • Improve sync with SC active chart when some charts have no Sierra++ study installed on
    • Automatically hide vertical scrollbar
    • Reset vertical scroll position when the active chart changes
    • Remove the vertical shift when last groups or studies are collapsed
    • Remove the study number prefix in study name
    • Hide Sierra++ study
    • Free Version : remove most of Free Trial mentions
Bug fixes
  • Market Depth Historical Graph color inputs were seen as black in Sierra Chart study settings, after applying a Sierra++ color template

Sierra++ 11

  • Display Sierra++ version in application title
  • Hide SC Username by default, and add a click to show button
  • Fix a flickering issue on some Linux distributions

Sierra++ 10

  • Fix a potential crash on startup on Linux/Wine and some Windows distributions

Sierra++ 7,8,9

First and technical releases