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Make sure your charts Session Times are correctly set with release 20 !


Why Sierra++ ?

When I started trading futures, I tried many platforms before ultimately choosing Sierra Chart for its exceptional performance, features and value. However, from the very first day of using it, sometimes I find myself clicking and searching quite a bit whenever I need to make changes.

One day I began coding a small tool alongside my trading activities. The goal was to create a simple “click saver” tool for quickly adjusting colors, setting study inputs and templates, resizing windows - without impacting performance.

After a few weeks of testing ideas and designing the architecture, I concluded that the only viable approach is to create :

  • an external application to provide a new blank space for a dedicated GUI and not clutter the charts,
  • an extremely fast and lightweight communication layer between Sierra Chart and this application to ensure that Sierra Chart’s performance is not impacted.

At that time, considering the significant potential of this core architecture and the amount of work required, I decided to develop it into a professional tool available to other Sierra Chart users. I contacted Sierra Chart team to inquire about their willingness to support such a project and if they could consider implementing a few new ACSIL functions.

A few months later, the first version is ready, and I’m happy to release it to other Sierra Chart users.

Sierra++ is (part of) the tool I wish I had when I started using Sierra Chart.

I hope you’ll enjoy using Sierra++ as much as I do.

Who is Sierra++ ?

Sierra++ is a project developed alongside my other activities.

I’m an engineer, entrepreneur and day trader. I live in France with my wife and kids.

I’m ready to continue developing and maintaining Sierra++ in the coming years, as long as it remains useful for other people.