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Make sure your charts Session Times are correctly set with release 20 !


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Graphics Module Studies Module Free demo
Preview changes in real-time yes yes yes
Adjust colors using a unique Color Picker designed specifically for trading charts yes yes yes
Chart Bar Period view
Set chart Bar Period in one click yes yes yes
Use the Bar Period favorites toolbar yes yes yes
Chart Graphics view
Set Chart Draw Style (candlesticks, OHLC bars...) yes - yes
Set chart Use Global Graphics Settings flag yes - yes
Classify and set Chart Graphics Settings (including all DOM columns) yes - limited
Copy Chart Graphics Settings groups to other charts in one click yes - limited
Add Current Price Line study in one click yes - yes
Study Graphics view
Set Study Subgraphs (colors, draw style, line style, line width) yes yes limited
Set every study color, including Study Input colors (Market Depth Historical Graph, TPO, Volume By Price, etc) yes yes limited
Set Study Transparency (including Volume By Price) yes yes limited
Show/Hide a study in one click yes yes limited
Apply color templates to Market Depth Historical Graph study yes yes -
Show/hide study Region Line data in one click yes yes limited
Study Inputs (Work in progress)
Set every study input in one click - yes limited
Use dedicated views  : Volume By Price, TPO, Numbers Bars, VWAP, Large Volume Trade Indicator, Market Depth Historical Graph - yes VWAP only
Use Numbers Bars Columns Editor - yes -
Use Market Depth Historical Graph Heatmap Editor - yes -
Use Volume By Price Quick Setup dialog - yes -
Studies Management (Work in progress)
Copy Study Inputs to other studies of same type in one click - yes limited
Copy Study Subgraphs to other studies of same type in one click yes yes limited
Add a new Study using the Add Study picker (textual search) - yes limited
Remove a study in one click - yes limited
Charts Overview (Full Access only)
Check and compare Session Times, Time Zone, etc - - -
Check and compare data config : Days To Load, CFC options, etc - - -