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Make sure your charts Session Times are correctly set with release 20 !


Impact on Sierra Chart

Sierra++ consists of two binary files stored in Sierra Chart Data Folder.

If you don’t add Sierra++ study to a chart then nothing happens.

It is not required to keep Sierra++ application running. Start it when you need to change a setting, then close it. Like when you use settings dialogs from within Sierra Chart.

Impact on chartbooks

Sierra++ study does not store any data in the chartbooks it is installed on. It is just an additional study with no inputs and no subgraphs.

Nevertheless, as a general precaution, it is encouraged to back up your chartbooks before using Sierra++.

When uninstalling Sierra++, your chartbooks stay as-is. Nothing is reverted.

Impact on Windows

Sierra++ application does not require any setup process. It is a portable .exe file that you can save in any folder.

It does not write any data to the Windows Registry.

Upon first execution :

  • Sierra++ application creates two JSON files in the folder where it is stored, containing application settings and user favorites.
  • Sierra++ study creates a folder named SierraPlusPlus inside Sierra Chart Data Folder, containing new updates if any.

It is technically safe to remove these items at any time.

You may need to install a small optional Windows package which is just a set of extra DLLs from Microsoft. See installation.