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Make sure your charts Session Times are correctly set with release 20 !


Sierra++ uses the features provided by Sierra Chart for custom study distribution :

This makes the installation safe and straightforward :

  1. send Sierra++ your Sierra Chart User Name, so that your access can be activated
  2. wait for Sierra++ confirmation email
  3. restart Sierra Chart (this will download Sierra++ files)

Step by step

Before starting, ensure the requirements are met.

1. Activate your access

After purchasing a license, or to activate your free demo/trial, please send an email to [email protected] specifying your Sierra Chart User Name.

Within 24 hours I’ll register your account and send you back an email to confirm your access is enabled.

2. Ensure you have received Sierra++ files

After receiving a confirmation email from Sierra++ :

  1. Restart Sierra Chart (this will download the binary files on your computer),
  2. Open the Sierra Chart Data Folder using Windows Explorer.

In the Sierra Chart Data Folder you should find two added files :

Sierra++ Binaries

You can check that both files are digitally signed (right-click, Properties, “Digital Signatures” tab).

In case of any issue, check Sierra Chart documentation about custom study distribution or contact me.

3. Create a shortcut to the application

  1. Right-click on Sierra++.exe
  2. Click “Pin to taskbar”, so that you can start it quickly.

4. Enjoy using it !

Start Sierra++ application and follow the Welcome screen indications.