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Make sure your charts Session Times are correctly set with release 20 !


Sierra++ is carefully designed so that the overhead on Sierra Chart and your computer is negligible.

Designed for stability and speed

Sierra++ study serves as a thin bridge between Sierra Chart and Sierra++ application.

It is active only when you send a command from Sierra++ application (change a color, add a study,…). When Sierra++ application is not running, or when it is idle, Sierra++ study is sleeping and does almost nothing.

It is not required to keep Sierra++ application running. Start it when you need to change a setting, then close it.

When it is running, Sierra++ application uses very little computing power. GPU load is tightly optimized.


As with other studies, Sierra++ study activity is controlled by Sierra Chart’s internal sequencer.

You typically won’t experience any significant delays, except when a chart is loading data. In such cases, wait until data is fully loaded.