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Make sure your charts Session Times are correctly set with release 20 !


What about my trading data ?

Sierra++ stays away from trading features. No trading-related ACSIL function is and will never be called.

Personal data and GDPR

This website does not use any cookies or collect any information. It can even be used without javascript.

Sierra++ uses Stripe for payment and has no access to any sensitive information.

Your email address is required when you purchase a license or request a free trial activation.

Your billing country (and your billing address, depending on the country) is required when you make a purchase, so that Stripe can calculate the sales tax.

Your Sierra Chart User Name is required to activate your access to Sierra++.

Your email address and Sierra Chart User Name are stored to contact you about the product.

The Sierra++ application does not collect any data and does not communicate through the network.

The Sierra++ study sends periodic requests to Sierra++ server to check for available updates, using Sierra Chart built-in https client for maximum security. To avoid sending your Sierra Chart User Name over the network, these requests include a unique identifier (hash) derived from your Sierra Chart User Name. This hash cannot be reversed and is required for custom version distribution (feature sets, beta versions, etc).

None of your personal information is disclosed to any third party unless legally required.